Vehicle Wraps for Small Businesses

April.30th.2019 vehicle wraps for small business cover photo.jpg

Convert your company vehicle into a mobile billboard using custom printed wraps. Commercial wraps give the highest ROI compared to other advertising efforts as they have the capacity to market your business 24/7. Whether your vehicle or car is parked or in motion on the road, you’ll catch the eye of other drivers causing them to remember your brand’s name and logo. This increases legitimacy and brand awareness for any local, small business.

Attention Grabbing

It's uncommon to see a vehicle outside of the provided factory colors. However, if you invest in a vehicle wrap, people will be certain to look up and notice your company name. Not only does a vehicle wrap grab other people’s attention, it also provides useful contact information such as a phone number to reach out to, a website to lookup, and social media handles to check out. Also, it is a good way to increase legitimacy for small business vehicles that must go to an individual’s home (such as a plumber, contractor, painter, etc). Time to get rid of the creepy plain white vans in the neighborhoods!

Brand Awareness

Business wraps are a unique and exciting way to showcase your small business, promote your company’s prestige, and increase your brand’s awareness. A vehicle wrap which is deliberately designed with thought-out placement of graphics and logos can produce a ton of buzz and awareness about your brand. With regular billboard advertising, there are installation limitations and no guarantee that your advertisement will be seen. A vehicle wrap allows your ad to be seen by thousands on the road with no placement restrictions. Lastly, knowing your target audience is essential and with a branded vehicle you can park in a vital location to guarantee that the expected audience is seeing your brand.

Cost Effective

Billboards have regularly recurring costs, such as a monthly charge, for as long as you advertise. With vehicle wraps, you pay a one time charge of having the wrap completed, and then that’s it! No monthly charges for advertising! You can change the vehicle wrap as little or as frequently as you like for less money, also. You can make a primary investment for a portion of the cost of other long term advertising campaigns and produce results for years. The number of impressions made from a vehicle wrap is too many to count. This is the type of marketing that should never be overlooked.

Andrew Banks