3 Perks to Car Wraps

3 Perks to Car Wraps.jpg

You may see a lot of wrapped cars on the road and have probably been curious about them for some time. Car wraps are everywhere nowadays, and are rapidly replacing the process of painting your vehicle. Wraps are also being used for a variety of reasons, from personal vehicle customization to commercial advertising for businesses. For private car owners like you, you should know the perks of wrapping your car. Here are three of them:

1: Customization

A vinyl wrap is highly customizable and you are able to pick the color, texture and design in accordance to your liking. This is a better option when it comes to changing the original color of your car, rather than having it painted. Also, two-tone colors take more time to paint as compared to one color...but with a vinyl wrap, you can have that two-tone color you are longing for within a fraction of the time. This saves you on time spent without your vehicle, making the process much easier for you.

2: Paint Protection

Aside from giving your car a new look, vinyl wraps also protect your base paint color. Moreover, it can help protect the overall paneling of the car as well. While the base paint protects it from the scorching sun and its harmful UV rays over time, a car wrap gives the vehicle overall protection and is able to help increase the defense on deterioration of the car panels. It is typically covered on most insurance plans as well, so if an accident happens, you should be able to get the affected wrap replaced.

3: Easy to Remove

It is ideal to protect the original paint of your car so that when the time comes to sell, you get more bang for your buck. As mentioned above, wrapping your car “freezes” the paint in the condition it is in. Why does this matter? Imagine buying a new car and then wrapping it immediately. After 8-10 years, you cah have the wrap removed and the paint will look the way it did before the wrap was applied, thus allowing you to sell your car for a hugher price. The removal process requires a little bit of heat and elbow grease but leaves no adhesive or discoloration.

Now you know three more perks about vehicle car wraps! For more information on car wraps/vinyl wraps, please feel free to contact us any time.