3 ways to get 30,000 Impressions DAILY!

3 Ways to Get 30,000 Impressions DAILY!

With the fast-moving pace nowadays, the only thing to do is to keep up with it. The same is true with product advertisements. In order to achieve proper and effective marketing, the strategy is to be in tune with the fast pace and create a way to get more impressions for your product. The more impressions you get, the better your chances are of customer engagement which will eventually turn into sales numbers. In this article, we will be explaining how you can get 30,000 impressions on a daily basis for your product/service. This can be done in three ways:

  1. Full Car Wrap – A full car wrap is made by putting the advertising media all over the vehicle body, thereby changing the original base color of the vehicle. This type of wrap creates a wide range of impression opportunities, as the advertisement can be seen from all sides and aspects on the vehicle. What’s important is that even when the vehicle is in transit, the advertisement can still be seen any which way. This is best for vehicles which will mainly be used for the advertisement of the product/service and owners that have a lot of pride in their company.

  2. Partial Vehicle Wrap – This is a type of vinyl wrap in which the main advertisement is strategically placed on a certain portion of the vehicle. The base color of the vehicle will still be retained. The potential engagement of the advertisement will still be the same in this way. This type of vehicle wrap is perfect for owners that may have a limited budget or the paint of the car matches company colors.

  3. Truck Lettering – A truck alone is already an impression because of its size, its engine noise and the mere intimidating presence while in transit. Putting advertisement lettering onto it would be a very viable marketing option which would truly create high impressions on the product that will be placed on it. This would be the cheapest option, best for new companies and industries that naturally beat up the vehicles.